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IT House CORE Cover Inclusions

IT House CORE Cover is our minimum level of monthly support. It provides businesses with the essential level of service for their cloud services, and also allows us to effectively provide services on a block hours basis where required. The price for CORE subscription is $99 per month + gst.

The following outlines the inclusions in IT House Core Support.

Access to 30 minute increment billing for block hours

Usually block hours are consumed in 1 hour increments, or part there of. However many tasks (particularly phone call queries) often will take 30 minutes or much less. Subscribing to our Core Cover means that you can use your block hours more efficiently.

Discounted Block Hour Purchases

Subscribing to IT House CORE Cover provides a 10% discount on block hour purchases.

Domain Management

  • We asset manage your domain registrations for the purposes of being able to providing support where necessary. No more having to keep track of your logins. We’ll make sure everything is optimially configured and consolidated.
  • Requested modifications to your top level name servers where required

DNS Record Management

  • We asset manage your DNS records, preferably via Cloudflare, for the purposes of being able to provide support where necessary.
  • Requested modifications to your DNS records where required (within reason).

Core Microsoft 365 or G Suite Management

  • Creation of new Microsoft 365 / GSuite user accounts
  • Removal of Microsoft 365 / GSuite user accounts
  • Conversion of Microsoft 365 mailboxes to shared mailboxes
  • Adjustments to permissions of Microsoft 365 shared mailboxes

RMM (Remote Support Software) Administration & Monitoring

  • Includes installation, administration, removal where necessary of Remote Support Software
  • Basic proactive monitoring for your organisations workstations

Enterprise Grade BitDefender Endpoint Antivirus (Optional @ $2 per machine)

Please note, that it is optional as to whether you require us to manage the above items, however it is our recommendation that we do, in order to provide you with the best possible level of support when the need arises.

Example Exclusions

The following provides some examples of items that are not included as part of the IT House Core Cover. Providing these services will either be charged at our standard hourly rate, or consume block hours.

  • General Project work to upgrade/repair/improve your computer systems
  • General email and phone helpdesk support outside of what is indicated above.
  • Proactive Maintenance of any systems
  • Onsite hours & travel time
  • Breakfix Support
  • Billing and financial management of services such domain registrations
  • The cost of domain registrations
  • Antivirus or third party software costs
  • Billing and financial management of dns hosting and related website hosting
  • Troubleshooting of Domain DNS record or Domain Registration related problems where we did not make the changes.
  • Helpdesk Email/Phone Assistance configuring new users mailboxes on machines or devices
  • Mailbox Error troubleshooting, unless the issue was caused by a server side configuration problem by IT House.
  • Costs of RMM licences (if applicable)

If you would like any of the above items included in your monthly retainer, then consider either our IT House Club Membership or one of our Fully Managed Support Plans.

Please note that access to the 30 minute increment billing only applies to remote work, as typically consumption of block hours for onsite visitations will also include travel time. Adhoc billed hours (not using block hours) still attract a 1 hour minimum charge.

If you would like to signup for CORE cover, please get in touch with us.