Our IT Support Options

graphic of map of the world made from technology symbols and iconsIT House have been meeting the information technology needs of the spatial data & environmental sector for many years.  We’re in tune with the challenges faced by businesses who handle very large data sets and specialised software packages. We also support a range of remote access solutions, for those who regularly work out in the field and need access and usability on the go. We can provide a range of specialised Environmental & GIS IT solutions tailored to suit your business.

Spatial Software Support

GIS software generally involves intense data processing, and not all computers are created equal. At IT House, we are experienced at identifying limitations of hardware, and we can procure and maintain workstations that will meet the needs of even the most demanding software… we’re looking at you, Esri! We can also provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems, to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Software packages that we currently support include ArcGIS, MapInfo and Bentley MicroStation, just to name a few. We can take care of deployment, migration and general support for a range of applications, and we are also able to provide back-end solutions for data storage and backups.

Remote-Access Solutions

We understand that a lot of your work isn’t done in the office, and that you need connectivity and reliability out in the field. IT House provides a range of remote-access solutions, for everything from email to software access on the run. We can assist with setting up multi-location networks, as well as configuring new workstations and devices for use with specialised software.

Big Data GIS IT Solutions

We understand the particular IT infrastructure requirements of businesses that deal with large data sets. Our support team is familiar with spatial databases and the unique challenges they present to your business and users. Get in touch with us to discuss our range of customised Environmental & GIS IT Solutions.

Get in touch with us on 08 6467 0000 to discuss how we can help your business gain a competitive edge!