Server, Network and Cloud Solutions

Our experienced team can assist with a range of server and cloud solutions tailored to your requirements.

Graphic of a laptop computer with clouds on the screen in front of more cloudsWe Help You Understand the Cloud

Are Cloud solutions best for your business? How does this tie in with the server and networking that is in my office environment? We’re able to answer these questions and help you navigate the current and future landscape of cloud computing. It’s critical that businesses understand the best approach to cloud solutions for their particular organisation. The best approach often differs greatly based various factors such the specific business requirements business model and services availability and geographic location.

Our Cloud Solutions

We are specialists in Microsoft Cloud technologies. We recommend cloud solutions based on Microsoft’s trusted line of product offerings. Whether you have 5 computers and just need a basic server/cloud hybrid solution or have 100 computers with local and fully redundant cloud platform we can assist.

In addition to offering solutions using Microsoft’s flagship Office 365 software we can also build solutions based on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform as well as the powerful Microsoft SharePoint document management solutions. These cloud solutions are often easy to implement and represent a cost effective option when compared to implementing an in-house platform.

Our Server and Network Capabilities

More often than not, we find that businesses benefit most from a mixed approach to their network technologies. That is to say, a 100% cloud solution isn’t always best or desirable. The cloud is a fantastic business tool that can be leveraged in many different ways and it’s changing the way business takes place in the 21st century.  As the cloud plays a bigger part of modern business, Microsoft has adjusted their range of Server software to now be mindful of the differing role(s) that your office server now is responsible for serving. We are experts in Small to medium business server technologies and how these fit into different businesses. We can help you make sense of all of the options, allowing you to make the best decisions for your team.

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