Network & Security Audits

Do you know if your or your customers’ data has been compromised in the past? Is your industry required to conduct regular security audits? Would you know what to do if you were to experience a widespread virus infection? – Unfortunately, the truth is, most businesses can’t answer these basic questions.

Graphic of shield decorated with binary code and the word Security in front of clouds.Network Security is Paramount

Despite what the blockbuster Hollywood movies would lead you to think, often the biggest risk to business cyber security isn’t technological at all, it’s people. The risks may not even be external in nature, or even deliberate! We’ll make sure that not only are you equipped with the best tools and technologies to keep your network solid, we will also empower your staff with the knowledge and best practice steps to keep your digital assets secure.

We’ve seen time an time again, that simply throwing more money at security appliances and software isn’t enough. Solving the problem of security requires education, a shift in awareness and a desire to remain ahead of the curve. IT House recognises this and has the experience and know-how to up-skill and train your staff accordingly in this area.

Security Audits & Risk Assessments

Having a clear picture of your technology by way of a Security Audit is important for a range of reasons:

  • They allow you to make better decisions about the future of your technology investment and spending.
  • Risks Assessments allow you to visualise, define and gauge the risks to your network – this allows you to take a measured response to each risk accordingly.
  • Security Audits allow you to identify areas for improvements not only in your technology, but your business processes and staff workflow.
  • They also bring to light issues in performance and availability of services and software on your network, allowing them to be addressed.

For a Limited time we are offering a Free Onsite Technology Audit and Risk Assessment (usually worth $849)

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