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Email Migration/Setup Service ($450 + GST)

IT House recommends either Microsoft 365 Mailboxes or G Suite Mailboxes for business email services. Setting up or migrating email services can often be a painful and time consuming process. Our team can help to make this quick and simple. 

We are pleased to offer this as a stand alone packaged service. This service will include the setup of between 1 to 3 mailboxes for use within your business. If applicable it will also include the migration of the email from your existing service. Please note that there is an ongoing cost from Microsoft or Google for the Hosting of these Mailboxes. The following is what is included in our standard email migration/setup service:

Solution Consulting

We work with you to find out your goals and ensure that the email solution being proposed is going to meet your requirements, solve your challenges and is going to be the best fit for your circumstances.

Pre Configuration of the new Account

We help you with the creation of the Microsoft 365 or G Suite Account, consulting to ensure that you purchase the correct licences to fit your specific needs, setup of the billing account with the provider.

NFP Eligibility Process (if applicable)

If your organisation is a registered not for profit, and you would like to take advantage of the software donations program available from Microsoft or Google via ConnectingUp, then as a complimentary service we will provide you assistance through the (sometimes complex) process of applying and verifying eligibility for this program.

Domain Verification

We configure your DNS records so that your newly created account can securely verify that you are allowed to be sending and receiving email for your domain. This is a mandatory step to protect the authority of your domain.

User Mailbox Creation

We create your mailboxes and configure names and display names to correctly reflect your staff members or roles within your business. It’s important to do this correctly so that your business presents well to those receiving emails from your organisation. We also allocate the mailbox licences to your users as required in this step.

Shared Mailbox Creation

Sometimes it’s useful to have mailboxes which can be accessed by more than one person, or are not tied to a specific staff member. These mailboxes are typically email boxes such as info@ or hello@ or accounts@ or sales@ etc. Typically these mailboxes are free. We will create these for you if they are required. 

Distribution List Creation

Occasionally it’s useful to have emails being delivered to more than one mailbox when they are sent to a generic email address. We can assist to set these up if required. These differ from Shared mailboxes in that mail in distribution lists is not stored separately, and you also cannot email FROM distribution lists.

DNS Record Cutover

This can be one of the most daunting steps. We will safely make the required modifications which tell the internet where to send all new email for your domain. If this is not done correctly the first time, it could lead to lost emails or customers/stakeholders not being able to get in touch with you.

SPF + DMARC Configuration

We will configure the required records to ensure the internet is aware that your new email service is allowed to be sending out emails on behalf of your domain. This maximises your email deliverability and ensures that your emails from your new email service will never end up in your recipients junk / spam folder.

Microsoft Outlook Setup

If required we assist you to setup your Microsoft Outlook software so that it connects to your new Microsoft 365 or G Suite Mailbox Service. We’ll also work with you to ensure that it’s performance optimised. Please note that usage of Outlook 365 will require either the appropriate licence that includes this software (or requires that you have Outlook from an existing separate Microsoft 365 Software Subscription)

Email Migration

If required we will assist you to export your email from your old email service and import the email into your new email service. 

To order an email migration/setup package please email getintouch@ithouse.net.au