the Slack software logo with a coloured background matching their branding

Since writing this post our team has 100% migrated to using Slack, as have our partner businesses Devhouse and House Digital. In particular now that our teams are not all based in the same office or working the same hours, we find that Slack is becoming increasingly useful, as we move away from ‘instant’ communication and more towards ‘asynchronous’ communication.

Graphic of three people working on computers around a table with a cloud of productivity software apps connecting them

In the past ten years, I have been exposed to some fantastic examples of team collaboration and project management. On the flip-side, I’ve also seen even more examples of it done wrong – and the negative impact it can have on both team and business! There are so many tools out there that are designed to help boost productivity, from super basic “to-do” list software to integrated, customized software developed specifically for your business.