One of the most common questions I’m always asked is whether it’s important that they upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Windows or to the latest version of Microsoft Office. If I were asked this question 10 years ago, I probably would have answered, depending upon your circumstances – not necessarily (mainly because the pricing models for annual software licenses made these a bit cost-prohibitive.) However today, I believe the decision is a no brainier – Windows and Office should absolutely be kept up to date. I’ll go a little in-depth as to why this has changed and why I think keeping them up to date is important.

Graphic of shield decorated with binary code and the word Security in front of clouds.

In our modern environment, protecting your computer network requires more than just throwing money at antivirus solutions or installing some fancy hardware. Sure, these products absolutely make up one piece of the equation, however it’s important to note that the largest risk to your business data is often one that is human in nature. Having a solid understanding of the risks is extremely diligent, but also having a plan in the event that you are compromised cannot be overstated.